SUPERFORMANCE Mfg was created to provide a new experience in the jet boating world - to explore and navigate smaller rivers and intra coastals thru the Florida straits.

All our Vessels come USCG Certified with a HUll Identification Number for Registering in any state.

The developer of Superformance Mfg, Guill Hechevarria, has been in the boat manufacturing industry since 1981. Mr Guill brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience to the design and manufacturing of each custom-built Ultimate Phantoms.

He Also Brings his Engineering experience to the table on newer custom designs. These Designs are extremely Fast, whereby Mr Guill is forced to De-tune most of his designs to meet USCG regulations
Superformance Mfg Inc . Will Manufacture Aluminum Patrol Boast for The US.Government.

At the heart of this revolution is technology that enables us to deliver a better product at a better price. That technology is applied to our products by race boat enthusiasts and engineers. Our people love what they do, love the customers they work for, and are an active part of the boat building community.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are so successful is that we have consistently delivered on the promise that these boats hold. Our Superformance Mfg Series are the best in the Industry, All aluminum design Guarantees the Fastest mini jet boats in its Class. Better engineered than you realized, and will drive and perform better than you could have imagined.
These Mini Jet boats are all Custom made!.To taylor your taste.

Our company had humble beginnings in South Florida since 1981. Since then, Superformance Mfg has been applying marine Technology to bring back a legend. The Ultimate Mfg Phantom design has been hidden from the world until Now. Ready to battle for racing wins, and received more accolades and recognition from the press than any other built boats in the industry.